sq j lobster - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore
REVIEW – Singapore Airlines : Business Class – London to Singapore (B77WN)
September 9, 2016
the private room singapore
REVIEW – Singapore Airlines : The Private Room First Class Lounge [Breakfast Service], SIN T3
September 9, 2016
sq j lobster - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore
REVIEW – Singapore Airlines : Business Class – London to Singapore (B77WN)
September 9, 2016
the private room singapore
REVIEW – Singapore Airlines : The Private Room First Class Lounge [Breakfast Service], SIN T3
September 9, 2016


  • Location: Singapore
  • Loyalty Program: Fairmont President’s Club
  • Loyalty Status During Stay: Platinum
  • Room Type: Suite (using FPC upgrade certificate)


After looking around on the Flyertalk luxury hotel forum, a general consensus seemed to emerge about Singapore: there is a dearth of luxury hotels.

Given that I only needed a room for around 15 hours, it didn’t seem worth it to splash out on the Fullerton Bay or end up well away from the sights at the Valley Wing of the Shangrila (although both sound like great experiences if you have a few days in town).

One hotel that piqued my interest was the Fairmont.

Fairmont is not a chain often spoken about on FT or on the blogs. Their coverage is quite sporadic outside of North America (where there are some phenomenal looking old castles), their London hotel is The Savoy – a bastion of high society and very much a ‘classic’ (it is also the location of the only road in the United Kingdom where one drives on the right).

Nonetheless the Fairmont Singapore has a lot in its favour:

  • It gets consistently high reviews
  • It is located near the Marina
  • It is directly above a mall and MTR station
  • It is often cheaper than the other chain properties which have poorer reviews

The clincher for me was the fact that I was able to apply for Premier status (via a method which is no longer available) – this gave me $50 of free hotel credit vouchers, a 3rd night free voucher, an upgrade voucher and best of all: a suite upgrade voucher.

The suite upgrade voucher doesn’t automatically give you club access in most properties and in many cases the suites are only one or two categories above the base room.

However The Fairmont Singapore has genuine suites and grants club access.
I was sold.



Fairmont%252520SIN 1 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

My first impressions of the hotel were great. I was greeted curb-side and had my bags taken from me. A check-in desk was immediately available. I really like how the decor is both artistic and interesting without being ‘whacky’.

Fairmont%252520SIN 2 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

I love that painting!

Check in was a very quick and comfortable process, I was quite surprised that they asked me for my clothing and shoe size. More on that later.

Fairmont%252520SIN 3 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

The decor in the hallways is very minimalistic and tasteful.

Fairmont%252520SIN 4 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

My suite: 2526.


The Suite

Fairmont%252520SIN 5 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

You know you’re doing well when your room has an interior corridor.

Fairmont%252520SIN 6 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

The minibar had some very nice glassware as well as plenty of coffee and water. Exactly what I needed!

Fairmont%252520SIN 7 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

The first thing I did was switch on the coffee machine.

Fairmont%252520SIN 9 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

A beautiful fruit plate as my welcome gift. The dragon fruit came in very handy as a gastric booze absorber at 2am.

Fairmont%252520SIN 10 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

The living room.

Fairmont%252520SIN 11 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

The GoPro really gives a better sense of perspective than a regular camera can.

Fairmont%252520SIN 14 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

Just off the living room was a huge walk-in wardrobe.

Fairmont%252520SIN 13 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

Wardrobe accessories.

Fairmont%252520SIN 12 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

Nothing annoys me more than when hotels refuse to put an ironing board in each room, I’m glad the Fairmont didn’t hold back!

Fairmont%252520SIN 15 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

The centrepiece of the entire suite was, without question, the bathroom. Hell, to call this a bathroom is to do it a disservice. I think it would be more appropriate to refer to this as The Bathing Colosseum.

Fairmont%252520SIN 16 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

The Bathing Colosseum.

Fairmont%252520SIN 17 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

Fairmont hotels have their own signature Le Labo Fragrance. It’s called Rose but actually has a very deep, woody and masculine smell. I really like the Bergamote fragrance used at Park Hyatts but I reckon this one tops it. I have to say, before FT I never thought I’d become an expert on high end toiletries. Now I have enough LeLabo, Aesop, Shanghai Tang, SKII, Shiseido etc. to open my own shop.

Fairmont%252520SIN 18 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

Dual vanities and loads of counter space, as well as plenty of room on the shelves.

Fairmont%252520SIN 19 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

The shower runs the length of the entire back wall of the bathroom.

Fairmont%252520SIN 20 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

After the ludicrous experience of returning to Asia, after only 3 days back in London, this shower massively helped me to clear out the old cobwebs and get ready for a night out!

Fairmont%252520SIN 21 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

Extra shower heads and extra toiletries. The suite life.

Fairmont%252520SIN 25 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

Compared to the bathroom, the bedroom seemed quite small. However, the floor to ceiling windows really helped to open the space up and of course, there was no need to store anything in here as there was so much storage space in the other rooms.

Fairmont%252520SIN 23 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

The most important thing, the bed was superbly comfortable. Like sleeping on a squidgy cloud. Seriously luxurious.

Fairmont%252520SIN 22 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

Not the most modern TV and a little awkwardly placed. I never used it though so this wasn’t a huge problem.

Fairmont%252520SIN 26 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

I like how they set up this tray with all the hotel info a well as the remote.

Fairmont%252520SIN 27 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

Fairmont hotels are part of the same group as the Raffles across the road (along with Swissotel). I was surprised to see how large Raffles actually is.

Fairmont%252520SIN 28 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

Located on the other side of Raffles, Naumi is another very highly rated hotel, it is affiliated with SLH as opposed to one of the major chains.

Fairmont%252520SIN 29 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

Any idea what these awesome buildings are?

Fairmont%252520SIN 30 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

The reason the check-in associate asked for me clothing and shoe size was revealed to me shortly after I got to the room. I heard a knock on the door and in walked a member of staff carrying a wicker basket containing a brand new pair of Reeboks and a full set of Reebok workout gear, sealed and wrapped in paper. This is a fantastic benefit open to ALL members of the Fairmont President’s Club. Where you’ll be lucky to get free wifi at other hotels, Fairmont really goes above and beyond!

Fairmont%252520SIN 31 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

Fresh kicks.

Fairmont%252520SIN 32 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

An awesome member benefit.

Fairmont%252520SIN 33 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

After showering up and diligently photographing my suite for you wonderful people, I headed to the Executive Club to meet a friend of mine.

The Executive Club

The Executive Club is a beautiful and elegant space. Despite being quite full, the clientele was very hushed and polite, a world away from some of the free for alls that I’ve seen (i.e. been a part of) at Hiltons etc.

Fairmont%252520SIN 34 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

There was a huge selection of cold cuts, several hot dishes and a very large variety of wines, including Moet Chandon champagne (the “t” is not silent as Moet is a German name, rather than a French one. A great fact to deploy at parties if you want people to deeply dislike you).

Fairmont%252520SIN 35 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

10 different wines!

Fairmont%252520SIN 36 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

A few hot options (every time I stood up to take pictures people would stare at me, so this is the best I could manage).

Fairmont%252520SIN 37 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

The view from the balcony has to be one of the highlights of this lounge.

Fairmont%252520SIN 39 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

Yours truly.

Out & About in Singapore

Fairmont%252520SIN 40 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

After the executive lounge, we headed out with a group of friends for drinks at 1-Altitude, a rooftop bar. It has a huge space with a higher outer level surrounding an inner garden, with a stage for live acts. The satay platters there are also immense.

Fairmont%252520SIN 41 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

Rooftop view.

Fairmont%252520SIN 43 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

Another rooftop view.

Fairmont%252520SIN 44 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

Some cool street art on our way to the next venue.

Fairmont%252520SIN 45 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

Next time, I’ll have to make it during the day so I can come and get some BJJ sparring in. This is one of the most unbelievably well equipped MMA and grappling gyms in the world.

Fairmont%252520SIN 47 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

An accurate representation of how I felt by the end of the evening, after the rooftop bar we headed to Club Street, which actually reminds me a lot of Spain; it has a great atmosphere with loads of small bars and restaurants spilling into the street.

Fairmont%252520SIN 48 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

These guys were not fighting to a level becoming of a street with this name.

Breakfast in the Lounge

Fairmont%252520SIN 49 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

I took breakfast in the executive lounge, I know that the breakfast spread in the main restaurant at 5* Asian hotels can be straight up ridiculous but I wanted to save myself for TPR and Suites. I just needed something quick in a quiet environment, with a great view.

Fairmont%252520SIN 50 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

At this early hour, I pretty much had the whole place to myself.

Fairmont%252520SIN 51 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

My breakfast table.

Fairmont%252520SIN 52 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

The view from this guy’s ‘office’ definitely beats mine.

Fairmont%252520SIN 53 - REVIEW - Fairmont Singapore

The coffee was great, the salmon was enormously thick and delicious. The dim sum was distinctly average.



Overall, I really enjoyed my first Fairmont experience. In fact, it was so good that I booked myself in to try the one in Manila, not long after!

Sometimes a one night stay can be a bittersweet experience; if the hotel is good you really don’t want to leave and wish you’d had longer to enjoy the facilities. The Hyatt Regency (now Grand Hyatt) Incheon is another example that comes to mind as is the Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong.

The service at the Fairmont Singapore was excellent, particularly in the executive lounge. It’s certainly the first time I’ve seen an omelette station at a hotel lounge too! I loved the bed and also the decor in the public spaces, the gym kit amenity and toiletries were fantastic too. Finally the location was perfect, having a shopping centre, ATMs and an MTR station in the same building – as well as a Marina Bay view. It doesn’t get much better than that.