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June 5, 2017
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June 10, 2017

GUIDE – Eating and drinking in Bangkok

As we were only in town for one night and I’ve been to Bangkok countless times before, we tried to check out a few new places, mostly within walking distance of the Conrad Bangkok. The Conrad’s central location, right next to Sukhumvit, meant that we were right in the heart of the action.

Bangkok 5 1024x576 - GUIDE - Eating and drinking in Bangkok

Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to check out the Sophisti-cool vibe of Bacchus wine bar, just behind the Conrad 😀


Fuku Matcha – Siam Center Mall
Unbelievably high quality matcha ice cream, made with fresh Hokkaido milk. 

Bangkok 2 1024x576 - GUIDE - Eating and drinking in Bangkok

The soft serve matcha here is seriously as good as anything I’ve had on my many visits to Japan. Insanely creamy and just the right amount of bitterness.


I+D Style Cafe x Brave Roasters – Siam Center Mall
Industrial chic, hipster coffeeshop set amongst a cluster of pop up fashion and craft stalls

Bangkok 3 1024x718 - GUIDE - Eating and drinking in Bangkok

This is the kind of place that you’d never find in a mall in Europe or the U.S. In Bangkok though, this little hipster niche blends perfectly into its environment. I gave their speciality Sukhumvit iced coffee a try and loved the flavour, it was actually somewhat reminiscent of the spices used in the arabic coffee on QR. The presentation was excellent too


Supanniga Eating Room – Sathorn
Authenic Issan food served in a trendy with a vibrant bar

When my instagram friend @oatsmg saw that I was in Bangkok he said I should go and check out his place. The sister restaurant in New York – Somtum Der- has a Michelin star, so my expectations were understandably high. Thankfully I came away mightily impressed. The food was definitely not dumbed down for an international audience and the drinks list was creative and exciting without relying on overly sweet and fruity cocktails.

Bangkok 1 1024x576 - GUIDE - Eating and drinking in Bangkok

This is a very small space with a great atmosphere – bookings are essential. Especially on weekends. We saw three groups get turned away during our time here as even the bar reached capacity.

Bangkok 6 1024x576 - GUIDE - Eating and drinking in Bangkok

It isn’t often that I’m so into the food that I forget to take pics straight away!

Bangkok 8 576x1024 - GUIDE - Eating and drinking in Bangkok

The Earl Grey martini was a thing of true beauty.

Bangkok 9 1024x576 - GUIDE - Eating and drinking in Bangkok

Nam Prik Khai Pu : Spicy dip of sea water crab eggs and crab meat, served with fresh vegetables. I love this kind of dish – salty, sour and sweet, all at once. The crunch of the raw vegetables gave small moments of fresh respite as we spooned away at the spicy crab.

Bangkok 10 1024x576 - GUIDE - Eating and drinking in Bangkok

Jasmine rice with fermented shrimp paste and Thai fish curry.

Bangkok 11 1024x576 - GUIDE - Eating and drinking in Bangkok

Thai milk tea pudding and mango sticky rice. Both were utterly perfect. So, so good.


Moon Bar  and Vertigo TOO – Banyan Tree Hotel
World famous rooftop bar with stunning views, paired with average drinks and service 

 Given how full we were after our amazing dinner, we were happy to walk the few blocks down to the Banyan Tree hotel. The lobby seemed cramped and claustrophobic and the fact that the hotel has a ‘destination bar’ means that there was a constant throng of people milling around, waiting in line for the lifts. I personally detest this kind of atmosphere and would actively avoid staying in this type of hotel (see also: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore) but I was hoping that the views would be worth it.
They were:
Bangkok 12 1024x576 - GUIDE - Eating and drinking in Bangkok

Once we got to the top floor, we got the usual spiel about no tables being available and were told to make our way through the restaurant tables and try and find a spot at the bar. There were plenty of loud groups of tourists up there, pushing and shoving and taking selfies. The bar staff were totally overwhelmed and it became quickly apparent that we weren’t going to get served any time soon. So, we retreated back through the restaurant area took a quick pic and headed downstairs…

Bangkok 13 1024x576 - GUIDE - Eating and drinking in Bangkok

We were warmly welcomed at the entrance of Vertigo TOO, located just below Moon Bar, on the 60th floor. A live jazz band was playing at just the right volume and from the second we entered the room, we knew that this was going to be a far superior experience to the chaos upstairs.

Bangkok 16 1024x576 - GUIDE - Eating and drinking in Bangkok

Whilst the skyline view wasn’t quite as dazzling through a window, it was still pretty spectacular. The cushioned daybed style seating was also comfortable and relaxing, where the bar upstairs had been a total clusterfuck.

Bangkok 14 792x1024 - GUIDE - Eating and drinking in Bangkok

A drinks list full of enticing prospects at very reasonable prices.

Bangkok 15 1024x576 - GUIDE - Eating and drinking in Bangkok

My “Why so Cereal?” was utterly delicious. All the familiar warmth of a Rye Old Fashioned with the additional depth of the rich malt flavour from the Erdinger and slight sweetness from the Monkey Shoulder.

There are countless amazing temple, cool coffee shops, cocktail bars and an absolutely next level street food scene in Bangkok. Hopefully this roundup of the places we visited during the 18 or so hours we were in town will give you a little inspiration and don’t forget to check out my previous posts on Bangkok for even more pointers!

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