qatar a380 first class
REVIEW – Qatar Airways : First Class – Doha to Bangkok (A380)
June 1, 2017
Moon Bar - Bangkok
GUIDE – Eating and drinking in Bangkok
June 6, 2017
qatar a380 first class
REVIEW – Qatar Airways : First Class – Doha to Bangkok (A380)
June 1, 2017
Moon Bar - Bangkok
GUIDE – Eating and drinking in Bangkok
June 6, 2017


  • Location: Bangkok
  • Room Type: King Executive
  • Loyalty Program: Hilton Honors
  • Status during stay: Diamond
  • Cost: 3,000THB (using Hilton Premium Club Thailand certificate)


Although one of my favourite hotels in the the world is the Sofitel So Bangkok, I’ve not been back since my first visit. The problem is that there are just too many luxury hotels to try in Bangkok and quite often they can be unbelievably cheap.

Point in case: thanks to my membership of the Hilton Premium Club Thailand (a membership which costs 8,000THB per year to renew – $230 at the time of writing) I was able to secure a room at the Conrad Bangkok for 3,000THB, or slightly less than $100, including breakfast.



I contacted the hotel in advance to let them know that we were planning to arrive early. I told them that we would be at the hotel to drop our bags off at around 9am and would just be happy to have a place to shower quickly before heading into the city. As luck would have it, we were told that a room was already available for us and that we were welcome to head to the executive lounge for breakfast if we wanted.

We had been upgraded to an Executive King room, which is the bare minimum that you can expect here with Honors Diamond status. I wasn’t complaining though as the early check-in was far more valuable to us than a corner room, particularly since we were only here for one night.

Conrad BKK 1 1024x576 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

Conrad Bangkok – Lobby.

Conrad BKK 2 576x1024 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

Conrad Bangkok – Lobby.

Conrad BKK 3 1024x576 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

Conrad Bangkok – Lobby.

Conrad BKK 4 1024x618 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

We were shown to our room by a member of staff who insisted on carrying our bags, even though we said we were happy to wheel them ourselves. His response: “Please sir. You are special, you are Diamond!”.

Conrad BKK 5 1024x576 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

The black and white prints and silk patterned walls give a very authentic Thai feel to the property.



Conrad BKK 6 1024x782 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

Our room. How cool is that wooden dragon statue?

The rooms at the Conrad Bangkok are decorated in an elegant Thai style. The tasteful framed prints, abundance of wood and the silk wall panels echo the design of the public spaces. Whilst the overall feel is very classic, our room felt considerably more modern than the room we had at the Peninsula on our last visit to Bangkok.

Conrad BKK 7 1024x576 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

Luggage nook.

Conrad BKK 8 1024x576 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

The bed was extremely comfortable and featured some super high thread count sheets.

Conrad BKK 9 1024x576 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

View from our room.

Conrad BKK 10 1024x576 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

Looking down.

Conrad BKK 11 1024x576 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

Not a huge amount of desk space but top marks for the Herman Miller office chair!

Conrad BKK 12 1024x576 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

Whilst the room didn’t have a Nespresso machine it was nice to have a french press at our disposal.

Conrad BKK 13 1024x576 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

The simple addition of the glass wall serves not only to give a modern feel to the room but also allows plenty of natural light into the bathroom. Not many hotels can boast this amount of space in their entry level rooms either, having a separate sitting area makes a big difference.

Conrad BKK 14 1024x576 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

We were given a variety of welcome amenities: chocolates, fruit and some delicious ginger and sesame crackers.

Conrad BKK 15 1024x576 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

View from the bath 🙂 No rubber ducky – rubber elephant instead.

Conrad BKK 16 1024x568 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

I requested Shanghai Tang toiletries in advance and as is often the case at Conrad hotels, they just ended up doubling down and giving these to us, in addition to the standard Aromatherapy Associates products.

Conrad BKK 17 544x1024 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

Rainfall shower.



There’s nothing quite like the feeling of stepping off a long flight from a cold country and finding yourself in a hot and humid climate, with an enticing swimming pool at your disposal. There’s also something deeply energising about submerging your body in water, I always come out of the pool a new man, re-invigorated.

Conrad BKK 18 1024x576 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

Even after two or three minutes outside, my camera lens was struggling to adjust to the humidity! The main pool at the Conrad looks quite decent but was overrun with families and screaming kids…

Conrad BKK 19 1024x576 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

…thankfully, tucked away to one corner – just as you exit the building and enter the pool deck – there is a beautiful little enclave. We lucked out and found it completely empty.

Conrad BKK 20 1024x568 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

A hell of a way to dust off the old cobwebs and put a sharp stop to jetlag!


Executive Lounge

As Hilton Diamonds we were upgraded to a room with Executive lounge access for free. Honestly, given how cheap and delicious the food in Bangkok is, I wouldn’t bother paying for access. The food options were all quite tasty but there wasn’t a huge amount on offer and you would definitely struggle to turn this into a meal.

Conrad BKK 21 1024x576 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

The cold soba with the separate tower of soba soup was amazing.

Conrad BKK 22 1024x576 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

A miniature mouthful of Thai Big Mac flavour.

Conrad BKK 23 1024x576 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

Crudites and grilled fish.

Conrad BKK 24 1024x576 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

Conrad Bangkok – Executive Lounge.

Conrad BKK 25 1024x776 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

A very decent selection of breads and cheeses.

Conrad BKK 26 1024x576 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

A pretty grim choice of red and white wines and for my Spanish readers… a hilariously named sparkling wine.

Much like the food, the beverage selection was quite limited and unlike the food, this was really low quality. You’d be better off drinking a bucket of Sangsom and at least having an authentic experience…


We had a quick breakfast in the lounge immediately after checking in. It was absolutely heaving with people and the servers were struggling a bit to cope. The food selection was quite limited and honestly the upside to a lounge breakfast tends to be the peace and quiet, generally this is the trade off you make for a reduced selection of food and drink. Without the peace and quiet the appeal just wasn’t there.

On that basis we decided to try the main buffet instead, the following morning, before check-out. Asian hotel buffets tend to be extravagant affairs with multiple stations representing cuisines from around the globe. The Conrad Bangkok did not let us down…

Conrad BKK 27 1024x576 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

Conrad Bangkok – Breakfast.

Conrad BKK 28 1024x576 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

The fresh fruit in Thailand never disappoints.

Conrad BKK 29 1024x535 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

A variety of dishes were available to order at the egg station. Bonus points for HP sauce 🙂

Conrad BKK 30 1024x462 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

Curries, poppadoms, naans, roast meats and the noodle soup station (and a surprised looking chef).

Conrad BKK 31 1024x808 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

Fried tofu and spring rolls.

Conrad BKK 32 1024x651 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

BBQ duck Ho Fun. Kamara nearly did a spontaneous backflip when she saw this.

Conrad BKK 33 1024x576 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

Miso soup and various pickles.

Conrad BKK 34 1024x576 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

Miso soup garnishes and cheese selection.

Conrad BKK 35 1024x576 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

Freshly baked pastries.

Conrad BKK 36 1024x772 - REVIEW - Conrad Bangkok

Hardcore carbs.



The service was excellent and despite the limited room upgrade I really felt like the hotel goes above and beyond for Hilton Honors elites. Checking in at 9am and getting two breakfasts on a one night stay, booked on a promotional rate, is pretty damned generous. The variety of snacks in the room was also a nice touch.

The hotel is unmistakably Thai, in much the same way as the Peninsula, whilst feeling a lot more modern in terms of the room decor. The public areas however are a lot more plain and corporate than the Pen and I really missed the beautiful pool overlooking the Chao Praya river.

Location-wise you are very close to the heart of the action, at the Conrad. You are a couple of streets back from Sukhumvit though, which means that it feels relatively tranquil in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.

Overall, fantastic value for money, great service but a little crowded. The club experience at the Sofitel So is head and shoulders above the Executive rooms at the Conrad whilst the Pen has far more impressive service and public facilities. In a city where luxury can be had for so little, the Conrad would not be my first choice but viewed in isolation it is a very decent 5* hotel which can be had for under $150 most of the time…