REVIEW – Park Inn by Radisson Copenhagen Airport (CPH)
January 13, 2018
swiss a320
REVIEW – SWISS : Business Class – Copenhagen to Zurich (A320)
January 15, 2018
REVIEW – Park Inn by Radisson Copenhagen Airport (CPH)
January 13, 2018
swiss a320
REVIEW – SWISS : Business Class – Copenhagen to Zurich (A320)
January 15, 2018


  • Class: Business
  • Access:
    • SAS Plus ticket holders
    • Star Alliance First and Business Class ticket holders
    • Star Alliance Gold card holders
  • Paid Access: 210-230 DKK


SAS has two lounges located through the same entrance in Copenhagen’s Terminal 3.  The SAS Lounge located downstairs and the SAS Gold lounge directly above it on the mezzanine level.

I was unsure about which was better but I went with the principle that applies to Qatar’s Al Mourjan and BA’s Concorde Room Lounges, paid ticket holders in premium cabins get a better lounge than frequent fliers. For what it’s worth, I took a quick peek upstairs at one point and the Gold lounge seemed almost identical, albeit a bit smaller overall with less ample food and drink stations.

SAS Lounge review CPH Copenhagen business class

There were a series of electronic turnstiles here rather than the traditional counters you get at most lounges


The Lounge


SAS Lounge CPH-3
SAS Lounge CPH-2

I like the fact that there is a dedicated travel centre right by the entrance. If you have a missed connection or any other type of IRROPS the team in this dedicated area will hopefully get you where you’re going as expeditiously as possible and away from the crowds at the regular airline service counters.

SAS Lounge CPH-4
SAS Lounge CPH-5
SAS Lounge CPH-6
SAS Lounge CPH-9

The design is quintessentially Scandinavian: pale wood, recessed lighting and clean lines abound. It was great to see that even the barstools have access to a central power column (albeit one without universal sockets). The coffee machine also produced surprisingly good espressos.

SAS lounge CPH
SAS Lounge CPH-8

A variety of snacks were available at the tea and coffea area. The cold drinks section had a pair of rather unusual red and white wine taps, in addition to the usual beer tap and soda fountains.

SAS Lounge CPH-11
SAS Lounge CPH-12
SAS Lounge CPH-10

The food selection was unfortunately extremely limited. Boiled eggs, vegetables, lingonberries, bread, pastries and cheese.

SAS Lounge review CPH Copenhagen business class

Beyond the restaurant area was a far more typical lounge area, with zero privacy, no power sockets and a coffee machine. There was an abundance of sunlight here though, albeit with no view to speak of.

SAS Lounge review CPH Copenhagen business class

Between these two main lounge sections was a small business centre. It was set up as a series of private cubicles with ample room for you to use your own device. I got to work editing photos (I am perpetually running behind on trip reports) and had a couple of coffees whilst waiting for my flight. I got the benefits of the natural light whilst also enjoying a far greater degree of privacy and access to US power sockets.



The design of this lounge is mostly great and I really like the dedicated travel centre and the coffee.

The food selection is poor though and the area by the windows could definitely do with some privacy screens and tables to break the space up a bit.

Overall a decent, well run lounge but nothing worth arriving at the airport early for.