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Nuriss – A Luxury PCR test in London

nuriss PCR test

Our very elegant treatment room at Nuriss

PCR Testing is an inevitability of the current travel environment and if you’re UK based, it certainly seems that this will be a requirement for some time to come.

With PCR tests ranging in price from £100 to £200 or even more, I’ve been curious to try various options at the lower end of the pricing spectrum to see how they compare.

What I personally value:

  • Reliability
  • Speed of turnaround
  • Ease of booking
  • Comfort

I’ve previously had tests at Randox and Unilabs in London.

Randox was priced at £118 and the setting was pleasant enough (in a Clockwork Orange kind of way) but I’m not going to lie, the nurse there was pretty rough. Of the 10+ PCR tests I’ve taken so far this was by far the most invasive.

unilabs 768x991 - Nuriss - A Luxury PCR test in London
randox 5 768x1024 - Nuriss - A Luxury PCR test in London


Unilabs is cheap. It only costs £100 but the setup is a little… utilitarian. The clinic is located in a back alley, by Euston station and the interior isn’t super welcoming. They get the job done in a rudimentary way, however I must say that the nurse had a very soft touch and the test was over in a matter of seconds.


I was recently invited to try the PCR test offered at Nuriss on Wimpole Street and was keen to see if they really could offer a more comfortable experience without breaking the upper levels of PCR test pricing.

The location is very central (equidistant between Baker Street, Bond Street, Oxford Circus and Regent’s Park) and the booking process was quick and simple.

You can either call 020 3971 9031 or email [email protected]

The price is ordinarily £150 but you will receive a discounted rate of £125 by quoting LUX125 when booking.

Nuriss 3 450x675 - Nuriss - A Luxury PCR test in London
Nuriss 1 - Nuriss - A Luxury PCR test in London

Since Nuriss is ordinarily a high end wellbeing clinic, the check-in experience was very pleasant. We confirmed our details on an iPad whilst sitting in a comfortable waiting room and sipping mineral water.

We were then called in to a grand treatment room, complete with Eames furniture and a chandelier, where a nurse talked us through the steps to self administer the PCR tests.

I find that administering the test yourself is so much better than having somebody else do it – since you know exactly what to expect and when to expect it!

Nuriss 2 880x690 - Nuriss - A Luxury PCR test in London

Our elegant treatment room at Nuriss.

The test results are guaranteed to arrive within 48 hours but ours arrived in a little under 22 hours.

Overall, this was about as pleasant a PCR test experience as you could hope to encounter in London and for the discounted price of £125, there does appear to be genuine value here.


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