Did you know that there’s a secret booking channel, that unlocks incredible value at Four Seasons hotels?

You may be paying extra for breakfast, room service,
spa treatments and upgraded rooms.

Others are paying the same as you, or less
and getting these types of extras for free!

How? By booking with a Four Seasons Preferred Partner Agent.

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How to get the best deal on Four Seasons hotels?

Four Seasons offers a variety of complimentary benefits to guests of Four Seasons Prefered Partner (FSPP) agents.

FSPP agents also have direct contacts at every property within the Four Seasons portfolio and can work to fully customise your stay.

Connecting rooms, multi property itineraries, dietary requirements, transfers etc. can all be taken care of seamlessly.

There is a rigorous screening process to become FSPP accredited and I am honoured and delighted to say that I am part of this select group of travel professionals.

What are the main FSPP benefits?

Benefits vary by property and dates but these are some examples of the most frequently provided benefits that you can expect as the guest of an FSPP agent:

$100 Hotel Credit*

Treat yourself to $100 worth of room service, drinks at the bar, spa treatments or a meal in the restaurant.

Free Breakfast

Breakfast can cost as much as $65 per person in some Four Seasons properties. One of the most common FSPP benefits is free breakfast, with the option for it to be taken as room service, at no extra charge.

Room upgrades†

A room upgrade could potentially be worth thousands.
I generally look for the largest pricing gap between two rooms.
Book the cheaper one and get the more expensive one if it is available during check-in.

Welcome amenity

This could be anything from a bowl of fruit to a bottle of champagne…and if you’re lucky, both!

Early check-in / Late check-out

(Subject to availability)

Great for when you arrive in the morning from a long flight or when you want to maximise a long weekend stay.

*$100 hotel credit: This tends to be the minimum with credits all the way up to $1000 per booking sometimes available! †Room upgrades: some properties offer a confirmed upgrade at the time of booking,  others only confirm the upgrade if space is available during check-in. Either way you will have upgrade priority over all other guests, including those booking directly on the Four Seasons website (or via a Virtuoso agent).

How to get discounts at Four Seasons hotels?

So far I’ve described extra that you get by paying the same price offered directly on the Four Seasons website.

It gets better though…

Four Seasons hotels never want their advertised room rates to drop below a certain level because it’s bad for their reputation, as one of the world’s top hotel chains.

However they do discount their rooms in another way:

They frequently run hidden promotions through FSPP agencies which give you the 3rd, 4th or 5th night free.

This is on top of all the other FSPP extras!

These free nights give you a very significant discount on your booking.

5th night free 4th night Free 3rd night Free
Discount 20% off 25% off 33% off

I found a cheaper rate on a competing website!

This is where it really pays to use an FSPP advisor. If you have seen a cheaper competing rate online I will work to ensure that the property not only honours the lower rate, they will STILL add the full suite of FSPP benefits to your price matched booking!

What’s the catch?

Many FSPP agents put up barriers to stop guests booking with them and taking advantage of the best offers.

For example:

❌ Not accepting customers that spend less than $10k per year in bookings

❌ Adding a ‘service fee’ on each booking, which eats into your benefits.

Here at The Luxury Traveller all FSPP booking enquiries are welcome

Just drop us an email below and let me know which property and dates you’re looking to book, we will take care of the rest!


Real world examples of the benefits of booking via FSPP