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REVIEW – Cathay Pacific : Business Class – Hong Kong to Jakarta (A330 Longhaul config)
October 18, 2016
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REVIEW – Garuda Indonesia : Economy Class – Semarang to Bali (B738)
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cathay a330
REVIEW – Cathay Pacific : Business Class – Hong Kong to Jakarta (A330 Longhaul config)
October 18, 2016
jarvis marcos garuda
REVIEW – Garuda Indonesia : Economy Class – Semarang to Bali (B738)
October 19, 2016


  • Location: Magelang, Central Java – Indonesia
  • Chain: Mesa Hotels and Resorts
  • Room Type: Arum Villa
  • Loyalty Program: N/A


Upon landing in CGK we collected our bags and checked in for our connecting flight on GA to SRG (Semarang, central Java).

We met up with our friends from New York – Mr and Mrs R – airside and went looking for a lounge. There are all manner of lounges at the CGK Terminal 2, running the range from distinguished to distinctly shocking.

I was hoping that my EY Gold status would get us into the GA lounge but we were told this was only valid on international flights. Mr and Mrs R had various US credit cards which matched the logos on a couple of lounges but they were told that their cards needed to be Indonesian issued.

So, we headed to Starbucks for a coffee instead.

Our flight was delayed for a total of 3 hours and the gate area was an absolute zoo. The one hour flight in Economy was ok though, we managed to all get exit row seats and there was even a small snack box and soft drinks service.

28099648716 bca0087f97 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

A rare picture of myself and Kamara in Economy.

Unfortunately our late arrival meant that we didn’t touch down until after dark. The problem in this part of Central Java is that heavy industrial vehicles are only allowed on the roads after sunset. What should have been a one hour drive to the resort ended up taking more than two.

Nevertheless, the driver was very fun and upbeat and not bothered at all by having so much of his day taken up by waiting for us. He gave a fantastic first impression of our resort, from the minute he helped us with our bags, handing us cold towels and water in their place, to the moment he smiled and waved us goodbye at the reception area.


Mesastila Resort

We arrived late at night but were told that the restaurant had been kept open for us as we must be hungry. After the great first impression made by the driver, this small touch showed that perhaps his attitude was indicative of a deeper sentiment running through the staff.

We initially booked Amanjiwo for this stay but then started looking around for other options because honestly, I hadn’t really heard much about any other places to stay in the area. Mesastila jumped out for a few reasons: the resort is housed on a working coffee plantation and I love coffee maybe even more than I love flying. The reviews on all the major websites were positively glowing. The location near SRG meant we could avoid flying into and out of JOG, which meant far better flight times from CGK and to DPS. Also, the rate of $150 per villa per night, including breakfast, afternoon tea and one daily activity per couple each day, meant that the entire three night stay for four of us ended up costing as much as one night for one couple at Amanjiwo.

Resort Grounds and the Arum Villa

Guests first arrive at this former railway station which now serves as the reception area of Mesastila. Check in was quick, simple and efficient. Usually guests are given a full tour on arrival but due to our late arrival this was instead given to us on the first morning.

27489184373 e1f5abfbac c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

Walking past the reception carriage you find yourself in the breathtaking central lawn, surrounded by the majestic volcanoes for which this country is renowned. The joglo to the left of this image is the main restaurant, where dinner is served. Walking towards the orange wall, towards the volcano…
28001416522 05c0ecd0ab c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

…you come to the pool. The orange dome is actually the roof of one of the steam rooms. The entire spa is one level below the pool, with balconies and windows offering sweeping views of the jungle landscape.
28001431452 2fd4a47d6d c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)


Whilst the pool/ restaurant area is quite open and ‘resort like’, once you start walking towards the villas, everything is more private and intimate. The ground staff did a fantastic job of keeping all of the foliage in check and would always smile and greet us as we walked past.
27489253973 2c1d923080 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)


The Villas are all very traditional looking on the outside. We would later come to find that brightly coloured houses are quite popular in this area.
28026648011 8d7528c0d9 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)


We were staying in two of the larger Arum Villas.
27489271153 b780dc250a c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)


Our Arum villa was decorated in a very rustic and traditional fashion but was spotlessly clean, with no visible scuffs or marks on any of the walls, floors or furnishings. It was very impactful, walking into such a well preserved space.
27489298843 7784c4555a c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)


We never turned the TV on but I’m sure it could come in useful on a rainy evening.
28001513782 ceb525f435 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)


A day bed for relaxing when it is too hot to stay outside on the terrace.
28104142075 50cd3004a7 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)
I love the little details, like the old-fashioned alarm clock.
28001528872 b3d849f55a c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)


The grand four poster bed faces out towards the jungle and volcanoes. It was slightly firm but very comfortable. Housekeeping would always fold our PJs and tidy up loose charger cables.
27489364813 b56658f0a3 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)
No Nespresso machine but there were some great teas, complimentary bottled water and packets of the Mesastila estate’s own coffee.
28026707521 43e17c6684 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)
The bathroom was a great size, with white marble counter space and an amazing copper sink.
27489729384 43a1f609cd c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)
The soap is actually made in-house using coffee grounds!
28070070706 ef9f8bd114 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)


Mesastila is a very eco-conscious resort, so the shower gels, shampoos etc were all supplied within refillable containers. Various other amenities were provided, inside a leather box.
28070026016 10621547ae c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)
The bath was the biggest I’ve ever seen in any hotel room, ever.
27823945170 bb6b28a983 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)
With an awesome view to boot.
28070052696 f8a8e8bcf3 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)
The shower may not look like much but you could peel paint off a car with this thing.
28001586752 b5a99149c7 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)The Arum villas also feature a large outdoor terrace, with a dining table…
27489764884 f967cc680b c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)…and a day bed, perfect for enjoying a sunrise cup of tea.
27824021120 413dbc9704 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

Food and Drink

Our rate included both breakfast and afternoon tea each day. We ate lunch out of the resort, whilst sightseeing, but paid extra for dinner back at the resort.


The main restaurant is a beautiful display of minimalism as luxury. Much like the rooms, this area was simply and elegantly decorated with traditional furnishings, maintained to very exacting standards.
28097230716 93d168a208 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

I’ve never been to a resort that has such an abundance of space, allowing the tables to be spaced out in this way. It really helps add to the impression that you’re a guest on a private estate rather than a tourist at a resort.
28053358721 ca64fe1308 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

Something that really stood out to me: the dining staff always asked us specific questions about our excursions and activities each day.

“You went on the plantation tour today? Which was your favourite coffee”?
“What did you think of Borobudur? Did you prefer that or Prambanan”?

This was most notable at dinner, as we were a captive audience. However it seemed that pretty much every member of staff knew what we were up to and was interested to see how things were doing.
28131923815 e802ae8943 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

The service, presentation and taste were all outstanding. The menu was varied enough that you could order different dishes and not get bored for a week. The wine was also very reasonably priced, given the usual prices in Indonesia.

28028400612 cc89afc3d5 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)


Each day began with a shot of jamu at the entrance to the breakfast area, on the fringes of the main pool. Jamu is a Javanese concoction made of various leaves, spices and often sugar.
28104263345 fcf2375301 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

These shots ran the range from delicious to, well let’s just say there’s a reason they’re only served in a shot size…
27489802894 59809c0406 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

The breakfast area. The four of us represented 50% of the resort’s clientele during our stay, so everywhere we went was like this. Talking to the GM, he said that they had been at 100% a few days earlier, so we definitely lucked out!
27489820244 437838ac1e c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

Kamara was chewing in this pic so an ‘executive decision’ was made to remove her. Sitting on the water’s edge, immersed in the jungle foliage, with volcanoes looming large in the distance – being served an a la carte breakfast with a french press of Mesastila’s own coffee. Wonderful.
28099692496 b51a3a4b48 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

The service was unsurprisingly very attentive, given the small number of guests. Our preferences were proactively remembered and suggested to us on subsequent days. The food was freshly cooked to order and quite good on the whole.

The Bircher muesli was fantastic.
27850763770 912c6b23d3 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

The Nasi Goreng was colourful but lacking in flavour, with little spice and a negligible amount of meat.
28053242001 623ee9dba8 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

The egg white omelettes were decent but I was not a fan of the chicken sausages at all.
28028257582 f34b610835 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)


In-House Activities

The Clubhouse

One of my favourite features of Mesastila is the Clubhouse. The owners of the coffee plantation used to live here and when you step inside it is like taking a step back in time. We loved whiling away evenings reading books, playing board games and playing the piano. During the day the Clubhouse is where you’ll usually find the GM and the administrative staff as their offices are also here.
28028438712 affac5bf96 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

28097295836 cafd7333b8 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

27516341873 6b5b40ecb9 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

27516305363 2de22ed224 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

28097268876 5bebf75214 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

During the day, the Clubhouse is also a great place to unwind. There is a giant chess set…
27851029770 c423e9d413 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

…and what soon became a favourite for the four of us: Croquet!
28132123105 5607bb4350 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

Those wanting to just lounge in the shade are also well catered for.
28097338246 3078ccfbff c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

The Sunset Bar


Just across the lawn from the Clubhouse was the Sunset Bar, where we were served our complimentary afternoon tea, watching the sun set amongst the volcanoes. [sticking little fingers out whilst drinking tea, not compulsory, but encouraged.]
28132211885 e80cfe47c0 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

In the evenings, pre-clubhouse, we would plug our music into the sound system at the Sunset Bar, knock back some bottles of wine and play pool. Mr R pictured taking a regular shot. Something of a rarity for him, his pool playing is on a savant-like level where he has to play either left-handed, one handed or both.
27516893164 baa8dcde1f c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

Coffee Plantation Tour

On our second full day we chose the coffee plantation tour as our free activity. We were taken around by two members of staff, one of whom was filming the other for a promotional video. Both staff members were very engaging and knowledgeable, if there was a language barrier of any kind it was only because our Latin was not up to their standard. They knew the names of every plant imaginable!

28028599862 1313f2e5b3 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

A few plants near the coffee roasting area.
27851121750 cf09d3d21a c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

We tasted a few different coffee types as well as the local palm sugar.
27851145430 2cc476f347 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

Mesastila also has some stables where a small number of beautiful racehorses are kept.
27851175770 7ff6d0ea4c c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

Including baby racehorses!
27516834344 023e2b4815 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)



A complimentary activity for all guests, regardless of stay package, are the morning yoga classes. They are hosted in a huge pavilion facing the jungle.

27851282920 565f41b26e c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

As tends to be the case in Indonesia, the classes can be adapted to suit your level, with very high level practitioners catered for. Here Kamara does the crow pose for the first time.

27516933554 17c6a09ecc c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)


Bike Riding

Whilst Bali has some amazing rice terraces, the ones we saw on our bike ride near Mesastila were totally unspoilt. The majority of people we saw seemed genuinely shocked and happy to see us. It was amazing to see people just tending to their private little plots in the massive fields.

To begin with, we passed through the outskirts of a nearby town, where we spotted this group of schoolgirls on their way home for lunch.

28028737172 ff83f2c94a c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

A lot of the houses were very brightly coloured but this one definitely took the crown for most garish home in Central Java.
27516989244 4fe7622915 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

Heading into the terraces.
28097557996 45793b45aa c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

Where the buffalo roam…
28028783172 4d9103d340 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

Fields of green.
27516687413 a30f242247 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

28097642056 a46aa2c016 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

Central Java Sights

Prambanan Temple

Whilst everything else at Mesastila was very keenly priced, their rates for visits to the temples of Java were very high. We opted instead to use one of the drivers recommended on the FT Asia forum. He charged us $150 for a full day tour taking in all of the sights below.

I can’t quite figure out the point of having to wear a sarong when the dress underneath is longer…
27851418350 5c04497359 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

Prambanan temple is located around 20 minutes drive from Yogyakarta (or Jogja as the locals call it). It is a Hindu temple built in the 9th century and is still very much in the process of reconstruction. The piles of rubble are slowly being sorted and categorised so that more of the temple can be rebuilt. Indonesia has experienced countless earthquakes and volcanic eruptions over the years, so very few temples last more than 500 years before going through a major reconstruction.

27851435250 14c566a573 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

27851444560 5bdcebb7a7 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

28028874982 8752089c55 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

28028901382 50883ea3b1 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

28132500915 1a41403426 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

Outside the temple we were astonished to see a Cassowary. Although evidently not as surprised as he was to see us. We spent a few days in 2014 in Queensland, right in the the middle of the Cassowary coast and never saw so much as a feather!

28132525715 3e004fd011 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

There was a market outside the exit selling all of the usual tourist stuff too, although we were more interested in a cat we found, between two stalls, that had a litter of tiny kittens with it.

28097746276 651b2e5eff c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

Whilst trinkets are not really my thing, I always like to try the local cuisine when I find myself at a market. I’d never really paid much attention to salak a.k.a. snakefruit before but this was an absolute revelation. All four of us were instantly hooked, buying it throughout the trip whenever we got the chance. I’ve since tried it on return journeys to Bali, Thailand and Cambodia but I can honestly say that none of those places come close to the snakefruit you get in Java. The flavour is like a lychee dipped in custard and the texture is utterly unique, it isn’t at all juicy but not dry either, almost like an apple made of rubber.

28097761606 6b79577c67 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

Pimp my ride (possibly literally).
27517198154 7a384c1c44 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

After Prambanan we stopped briefly at Candi Sambisari, a sunken temple on the outskirts of Jogja, heading back towards Borobudur and Mesastila.
27851546390 7cf9dced5f c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

Our guide initially told us he had a good place in mind for lunch. My scam sense started tingling (see also: my cousin has an art shop, I gave a tour to Robert DeNiro and he buys suits at this great local tailor etc.) but I gave him the benefit of the doubt… then the car pulled up to a giant restaurant with two coaches parked outside and signage in multiple languages stating that the restaurant was a “Traditional Colonial Buffet”. I quickly checked Foursquare for something a little less horrendous and came up with this:

28097820916 db5571c8cc c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

I don’t know many words in Bahasa Indonesia but Bebek, Goreng, Sambal and Pedas are all very useful. We tried pretty much everything on the menu and still managed to spend less than $20 between the four of us. Mr R says that this was the best meal of the trip, I’m not sure if I’d go quite that far but it was good; crunchy, spicy, fatty, salty good.

28029016312 0e2abeff2c c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

Borobudur Temple

After our late lunch we continued on to Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple in the world and the main reason why people visit Central Java. We went in around 45 minutes before sunset and paid the regular daytime rate. I hoped that this would give us some beautiful light and a chance to see the temple with less crowds. There is a transition period where everybody with day tickets is cleared off to make room for those with the more expensive sunset tickets, that would be our chance!

27851616230 da5d63fec9 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

I put my stick mounted Gopro to great use by using it to spy on another group of very shy kittens that were playing amongst the stupas.

28097869046 4d7a49ab57 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

The crowds were already thinning out just as we arrived.
28097894216 f61ecf52e1 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

Which meant we could take some cheesy pictures…
27851691100 739c30f95c c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

…and by evading the guards a little we were able to get some very cool shots too. The feeling of tranquility here is quite something. If you are able to get the place during a quiet period, you will find yourself hugely outnumbered by Buddha statues inside their stupas, surrounded on all sides by mountains, with a light mist filling in the gaps on the ground. Magical.

28132698345 788e0d37f3 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)


After visiting Borobudur we decided to check out Amanjiwo, which is a fifteen minute drive away. We wanted to get a feel for the place and see if we could get a handle on why it would cost six times as much as Mesastila. The approach was pretty interesting, we drove up a winding road and turned left into a barricaded forest road, protected by armed guards. Our guide explained that we were there for drinks and the guards smiled and waved at us before asking the driver to pop the trunk and running mirrors on sticks underneath the vehicle. You certainly don’t see that kind of security at something like a Four Seasons or a Park Hyatt.

Upon entering we were welcomed and briefly shown around the main building. The architecture of the restaurant resembles that of Borobudur and is certainly very striking, although the silver furniture looks a little tacky and the tables are far closer together than at Mesastila.

28054244741 141df82582 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

We settled into one of the outside tables, hoping to catch the final stage of the sunset, over Borobudur. The decor outdoors is quite elegant and minimal, although the flowers looked a little basic and wilted.

28132749645 652495fdb3 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

Round the corner from our table were the steps leading down to the rooms. Although the resort ostensibly has Borobudur views, you do have to squint quite a bit to make it out. The valley setting, surrounded by mountains is very atmospheric though.

27517078883 6880a04d5c c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

Amanjiwo also has a jamu lady although she really puts some hours in, the one at Mesastila shut up shop at 11am, this lady was still going strong at 6pm!

28029171172 5d82d0123d c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

Jamu ingredients.
28132767935 637b31944c c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

We ordered a round of cocktails which were quite reasonably priced. Same ballpark as what you pay in a bar in London, £10 or so. Far worse bars in Bali charge similar prices as a result of the draconian taxes on imported alcohol in Indonesia. I have to say that the drinks took an inordinate amount of time to serve though, around 30 minutes or so.

28029196142 d4eea7c2c2 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

The drinks were accompanied by some very tasty bar snacks.
28054369931 c12f4fd30f c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

Our second round of drinks took a little less time but they did make a mistake and bring out one of the drinks incorrectly. No big deal I guess but far from the ecstatic accounts of perfection of some Aman junkies.

The sunset however was quite special.
28098091156 ee1ec46a94 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

After drinks I quickly went to check out the library, I remember reading that every Aman has a library and that they are a focal point, giving you a feel for the resort as a whole. The library was quite nice but I was surprised to see a cheap portable air conditioning unit.

28054397271 9791e54351 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

As well as a frankly shameful excuse for a computer.
28054430551 f867bc41f2 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

The fresh orchids were a nice touch but overall I have to say that this library falls far short of the ones at Alila Villas Uluwatu or Soori (resorts started by former Aman staff).

28054413181 e35254817b c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)

After our relaxing sunset drinks our driver pulled up the van, ready to contend with the heavy duty trucks on the road back to Mesastila.

27517246013 844399395b c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)



I’m so glad that I made the decision to visit Central Java, Indonesia is such a vast and fascinating country. To visit only Bali is to do oneself a complete disservice. Mesastila is one of the most relaxing stays I’ve ever had, we had so much space, such dedicated and personalised service, free activities and a wondrous setting, the ever present volcanoes never failed to put a smile on our faces.

The staff showering us with petals as we left Mesastila.
27517522924 69d01d8968 c - REVIEW - Mesastila Resort (Central Java)


Amanjiwo looked very nice but from my admittedly limited experience, it seemed to be in the same league as Mesastila and definitely not worth six times the price. Aman has a certain cachet because it is a hotel chain that has such high prices and often provides a unique option to explore a remote setting. There are other Amans that are far more unique in terms of their location though: I’d love to have after hours access to the Summer palace in Beijing or hop from lodge to lodge throughout the Kingdom of Bhutan. Amanjiwo has long lost its privileged access to Borobudur though, and guests must now share the temple with everybody else.

Given that Mesastila offers such a close alternative, I feel like staying at Amanjiwo would have been like paying cash for a SWISS First ticket when you could have Cathay First using Alaska miles.