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REVIEW – Conrad Koh Samui – Part 1
October 14, 2016
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REVIEW – Bangkok Airways : Blue Ribbon Business Class Lounge , Koh Samui [International Side]
October 14, 2016


  • Location: Koh Samui
  • Loyalty Program: HHonors
  • Loyalty Status During Stay: Gold (courtesy of UK Amex Platinum)
  • Room Type: 1 Bedroom Oceanview Retreat Pool Villa

This is Part II of a two part review. Here is Part I : REVIEW – Conrad Koh Samui – Part 1

Dinner at Zest Restaurant

As we arrived quite late on our first night, we thought it would be quicker and easier to have dinner at Zest, the casual dinner option.

The service was immensely friendly and helpful, which I guess you’d expect when the place was this empty!
25113022763 ae041a10c0 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

I like how the space looks so different at night versus breakfast time. Conrad hotels always seem to make great use of lighting.
25438890450 39067821c1 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

We loved the mixed bread basket. The bread came with oil/balsamic mix as well as a basil oil dip. The spicy Thai crackers were served with shrimp chilli oil.
25739685335 bb46963f97 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

K ordered mint tea with her dinner. This was presented in a somewhat elaborate fashion.
25739717025 d480c6243f c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

The Gaeng Jued Woonsen Gai Sub. A giant portion of rich and flavourful chicken, tofu, noodles and vegetables. This starter could serve as a meal in itself.
25109307084 d10bd689a6 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

One of the things I look forward to the most, when I visit Thailand: Larb. I was asked how spicy I wanted it. I said “unbelievably spicy” (In England I tend to use the terms “ludicrously spicy” or “the kind of spicy you’d serve to your worst enemy”). It was pretty spicy but I guess they’re scared of hospitalising the customers here. This is less of a concern for the owners of street carts in Bangkok…
25439028950 1bc7a7c910 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

Kamara went for the Penne Pomodoro, which she said were cooked al dente but not particularly exciting (which is probably as good as this dish can get).
25439055140 d63b0e7529 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

I’m not sure what my main course was. It looks a little like Pad Siew. I can tell you this though. All the Thai food as CKS was great, whereas the Western dishes were usually just ok. This, for me, was not a problem.
25618815512 347468acf5 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

Dinner at Jahn Restaurant

Whilst the food thus far had been perfectly adequate, we were hoping that the CKS’ fine dining restaurant Jahn, would kick things up a notch.

The building is located a buggy ride away from the rest of the resort and has expansive and uninterrupted views of the five islands (up above and to the right is the main lobby).
25439487230 c5ccd46f08 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

As we arrived, we spotted a family posing for a photo.
25109861664 57d4d74d80 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

This is what they were looking at.
25109950194 c944624ced c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

Aura bar and lounge is a small outdoor seating area, more so than an actual bar. It is located to the left of the stairs in the family pic.
25740270315 12f921263f c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

Jahn is on the right.
25109816904 356e15026e c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

The building itself is beautiful, the glass walls really serve to highlight the astonishing view.
25619306932 d232d912ab c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

The staff at Jahn are really friendly and will repeatedly offer to take pictures of you.
25740332995 9c3ce8e481 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

We arrived early so that we could catch the sunset.
25740415935 863e6c4491 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

25619437252 3d55aa5840 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

The dining room is quite small so reservations are a good idea.
25439842210 a08bed906e c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

Jahn certainly boasts an extensive drink selection.
25110037144 1dcf82da75 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

Our server suggested the table one in from the corner, to us. She said she preferred the view because the corner column is quite thick and blocks the islands slightly. She said we were welcome to move though, if we liked the other table better.
25619519632 7cea37d24e c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

We liked the view just fine.
25619543362 4e88a3b04a c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

When we checked in we were given coupons for 2 free drinks, as part of our HHonors gold welcome. We figured that this would be the perfect venue to redeem them. I went for a delicious Tequila based drink.
25645563941 687eb52318 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

You can just about make out the rim of K’s Martini here.
25113991663 014662441b c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

OK, one final sunset shot.
25440038470 ae5576f9fd c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

Whilst Jahn offers a tasting menu, we decided against it. We had been eating so much up until this point and still had an even more elaborate dinner booked for the following evening. Nonetheless, our a la carte meal was served with numerous amuse bouches, sorbets and mignardises.

First up was a very fresh tuna tartare.
25439918580 cf412c7eb8 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

We both ordered the Tom Yum soup as our starter. It was prepared table-side. The herbs were sat in an infusion chamber within a teapot and stock was poured on top. Immediately the spectacular aroma filled the air around our table.
25619674592 25697cd826 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

The soup was then poured from the teapot onto our dishes, each containing two enormous grilled prawns.
25110270864 73670e592d c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

K’s main course was a phenomenal interpretation of the classic Pad Thai Thalay. It was served as three mounds of rich noodles, encased in egg nests (just like at Longgrain in Melbourne!). Each nest was then topped with a freshly grilled piece of seafood: prawn, lobster tail and scallop. The dish was accompanied by a miniature buffet of spices, condiments and sauces.
25714678376 b46e82d3eb c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

I opted for the Barbary duck curry with pear puree, galangal and purple potato dumplings. The presentation and execution were great but flavour wise I preferred the Pad Thai (which was actually the cheapest main course on the menu).
25439995140 dafd482a23 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

We were almost ready to burst after our dinner, so we decided to forego a dessert. This meant that we were able to navigate the after dinner mignardises which ended the meal, with our dignity (mostly) intact.
25645671261 35c01e2117 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

Private Wine Cellar Dinner

One aspect of the stay that we were really looking forward to was a private truffle dinner in The Cellar.

Our server was truly fantastic and delivered a warm, attentive and personal service. She actually happened to be the same lady who took care of us the night before in Jahn (she also recognised us when we returned to the Conrad Koh Samui ten months later, yes I’m that far behind on trip reports…)

The wine cellar can accommodate up to 8 guests but looked a little bare when only set up for two. Perhaps they could place some decoration, even just wine bottles, to fill the space.
25113218723 4170b0c958 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2
You know you’re in for a good meal when you have less glassware in your whole apartment than what is set down in front of you.
25113244663 7834be6c86 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2Our Tasting of Truffle menu.
25439149570 eb77241149 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2We took the opportunity to snap some pics whilst our server was bringing us our starter.
25439174170 c27b23a00f c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2Mega carbs.
25113310803 30dbe152b2 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2Ready for action.
25109544144 25695441cb c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2The meal started off with a bang. The scallops were ultra fresh, the cauliflower puree was a delicious meringue of opulence and the truffle vinaigrette really added an intense spark of flavour to marry all of the elements together wonderfully.
25439253950 8f83f357e9 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

We accompanied the meal with a Schubert Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, it was keenly priced and was versatile enough to work well with all of our dishes.
25740042155 ff63a65a79 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

The Artichoke and Black Truffle veloute was small but packed a huge flavour punch.
25644948101 1a8ea52b53 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

It was like drinking a Piedmontese meadow. Earthy, salty, creamy and fresh all at once. Divine. They sure as hell didn’t hold back on the truffles either.
25113429533 d491d27a8c c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

Next came the prawn (also a repeat feature of the Jahn menu), served this time on a thick, unctuous and rich risotto of wild mushroom and truffles. What this dish lacked in presentation it more than made up for in flavour. We may or may not have licked the plates clean (an advantage to having a private dining room).
25714040926 c592ae67f8 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

Before the main course, we were served a grapefruit sorbet to ready our tastebuds. I found it to be too sweet and would have preferred something a little more bitter.
25619102772 6fec859bfd c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

The main event: Beef Tournedos Rossini.
25113506733 7de70a605c c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

This was just unreal. The meat was perfectly rare yet still managed to deliver a satisfyingly charred crust. The foie gras was similarly cooked to perfection. Just a little pink inside and almost as big as the Tournedo. The sauce? Oh man, it was out of this world. Insane. More plate licking.
25645074391 856b9189de c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

At this point we were already loosening belt buckles and increasing the power of the air con. Yet still we had two courses to come. Firstly the dessert: Black truffle panna cotta with an almond biscotto. I’m not much of a dessert guy but this thing was pretty damn good.
25714121646 c9e31dc2fe c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

Finally a deliciously ripe and smelly Taleggio. Served with membrillo and candied macadamias… plus a selection of handmade chocolate truffles. We got this to go. We had a snorkelling excursion planned for the following morning and we didn’t much fancy sinking to the bottom of the ocean. The professional manner in which the take-away boxing took place, makes me believe that we aren’t the only ones who’ve elected to tap out and live to eat another day.
25113562293 78d2441c1b c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

The Snorkelling Trip

One cool thing about the CKS is that they offer a complimentary speedboat trip out to some nearby islands, where you can snorkel , sunbathe and explore.

The excursion happens three times per day. You meet in the lobby and are driven to a nearby port where the Conrad speedboat is ready and waiting for you. On one of the islands the locals have stalls set up selling food and drinks. Annoyingly we weren’t told this before we set off, so make sure you pack some THB with you!

The journey to the reef.
25645715851 08fd81015c c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 225110397874 3afbe108dd c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2As you can see, this particular reef is pretty busy. Both above the water…
25645772191 2b390b22f4 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2…and beneath.
25740862675 699f113eff c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2We definitely had the coolest boat out of everybody on the reef!
25440197700 f785fe44ca c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2Looking pretty cool with my pink snorkel.
25714890006 91bac6e0cf c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2
After the reef, the next stop was a beach located on a beautiful bay. We had pre-ordered some quite expensive and almost entirely protein free lunches before departure. If you do this trip I would definitely recommend against this and instead bring some cash to buy something from the locals. We enquired with the boat crew to see if they had an arrangement for us to charge anything from the beach sellers to the room. One of the crew members, Nil, said no but he insisted on lending us some cash to buy a coconut. We told him not to worry but he kept insisting that it was ok so we thanked him profusely and made sure to put some cash in an envelope with his name on it and left it with reception as soon as we got back.

25740952335 45aae0beb8 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

Picture postcard views from the bay.
25440235390 378893f7b7 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

Our beach. You can see the red parasols of the local food vendors under the trees.
25440248840 8c8ec688fb c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2

Abs rapidly disappearing as a result of the mammoth food consumption.25110570504 12a2bfffe9 c - REVIEW - Conrad Koh Samui - Part 2


The Conrad Koh Samui is rightfully considered to be one of the top Hilton hotels in the world. Given the rates at other resorts in Koh Samui the Conrad is priced quite appropriately.

If you use Premium Club discounts, 40% off worldwide sales or better yet free night certificates then this becomes one of the best value holidays I can think of.

This is not a place to come to if you are looking to party in Chaweng; it is isolated and that is its appeal. You come here, you switch off and you just let the day pass by. There’s no real need to look at your watch. You can always see the sun and you have a good idea of the time based on its location. As a Londoner I find that immensely appealing for a multitude of reasons.

The Thai food is consistently better than the Western food, with the exception of The Cellar, which served European food that I’d gladly travel to the other side of London for.

Aside from the obviously spectacular hardware, what really shines through here is the service. Everybody greets you with a Wai and a smile. Even if they are just driving by in a buggy, they slow down in order to greet you.

If they think you’ll be too hot with a table-side window they’ll offer you something nearer the air con. If you look like you’re struggling to finish your food they’ll offer to pack it up for you. We even had dessert included in our dinner at Zest and weren’t hungry enough to eat it. No problem they said. Just come and order it for free another day!

When the poolside bar ran out of coconuts we said no problem and ordered iced coffees instead. They refused to charge us for them.

When we started working our way through the Shanghai Tang toiletries they didn’t just replenish one or two they gave us another entirely full caddy containing a full set of all the amenities.

As I mentioned earlier. We actually just came back from a return visit and aside from being delighted that we were recognised by the staff, the other thing that we noticed is that if anything it was even better than we had remembered it.

If you’re the kind of person that gets bored easily 3 nights will be enough. If not, then you could happily spend 5 nights here and wonder where the time went.

Personally, I can’t wait to go back.

If you want to read the review of our return visit, you can find it here: REVIEW – Conrad Koh Samui (Second visit)