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February 24, 2023

REVIEW – Intercontinental Barcelona

Intercontinental is a weird hotel brand. It is so inconsistent from one location to the next that it's impossible to pin down what exactly the brand stands for and what one can reasonably expect when selecting an Intercontinental hotel.
January 26, 2023

REVIEW – Four Seasons Amman, Jordan

Clearly a lot of money has been spent on modernising the hotel, since its original opening twenty years ago and service was very much at an international level...
January 21, 2023

SPECIAL OFFER – 40% Discount and Half Board at St. Regis Maldives

Two amazing special offers are currently available at St Regis Maldives. Offer 1: 40% off beach villas and FREE half board. Offer 2: Every 4th night FREE!
January 7, 2023

Booking hotels with Rosewood Elite benefits

Rosewood Elite includes guaranteed advance upgrades, credits of over $100 per night and can even be booked on prepaid rates!
December 22, 2022

REVIEW – Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef

Lizard Island offers a very unique experience to adventurous travellers who also enjoy a touch of luxury. The location, a private island on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef, is basically unbeatable with no direct competitors of any kind.
November 28, 2022

REVIEW – The Siam (Bangkok)

If you're looking for relaxation, tranquility, enormous rooms and highly personalised service, The Siam may well be the hotel for you.
November 13, 2022

AWESOME DEAL – Free Transfers and Half Board at the Waldorf Astoria Maldives!

One of the best deals in the Maldives has just been renewed for most of 2023.
October 19, 2022

REVIEW – Capella Bangkok

There is no question that Capella is not only one of the top hotels in Bangkok it is probably in the top 10 city hotels in the world.
August 13, 2016

REVIEW – Cathay Pacific : Business – Sydney to Hong Kong (A330 Longhaul Config)

My seat was in the first row of the mini-cabin (19A), which could have meant extra noise from the galley. I had a feeling this wouldn't be a problem on CX, an airline renowned for the quality of the in flight service (I was right). The benefit is that you get an extra large foot cubby!
August 24, 2016

REVIEW – EVA Air: Royal Laurel Business Class – London to Bangkok (B77W)

The food is good, they have fancy branded soft drinks, spirits and champagne, PJs, slippers and Rimowa amenity kits. Why don’t people flip out over EVA Air and mention them in the same hushed tones reserved for the likes of SQ ?
August 25, 2016

REVIEW – EVA Air: Royal Laurel Business Class – Taipei to Bangkok (B77W)

I pre-ordered the dim sum breakfast online and this was confirmed by one of the FAs before breakfast began. She was very chatty and friendly. "You ordered the dim sum? I'm surprised, usually only Taiwanese people order this.
August 25, 2016

REVIEW – EVA Air: Royal Laurel Business Class – Bangkok to London (B77W)

Unfortunately for EVA Air our final flight made it 4 for 4 in terms of delays. Although generally speaking I find that most flights nowadays both short and long-haul are at least somewhat delayed. This is a trend which has really been increasing of late. Come to think of it, […]